Burning Questions!

A few questions we have been asked (more than once)!


What age do you have to be to ride?

All riders must be 7 and older for trail rides. Pony rides are available in the arena for younger children.



Can my child ride with me?

Nope. No way. Not happening. One person per saddle. No exceptions.


Where are your guides
& Amy’s hat from?

KemoSabe! Be sure to stop by and get your custom hat. They’ll even finish it off with a custom brand!

We have a person in our party with autism, special needs, or disabled. Can they ride?

We would be happy to take all that are able out on the trail. If they are comfortable around horses and in a saddle, we are too. Just give us a call if you have any questions! If you book online, please make a note so we can accommodate properly.

Another great local resource is Windwalkers, offering therapeutic and equine assisted learning.


Do i have to wear a helmet?

If you are 12 and under, helmets are required. Helmets are available for every rider though.


I’m pregnant, can I ride?

Congratulations, but that would be a NO. Give us a call (about) 6 weeks after you have the baby though!

I’ve never been on a horse. Should I be nervous?

Great news! We have horses that have never been ridden. Just kidding…bad cowboy joke! All our horses are as sweet as can be. You are in the best hands with our dudes and our wranglers.

I ride English. Can you please use an English saddle?

Welcome to the west where every saddle has a horn!

Will we be riding with other people?

Quite possibly. If you want a private ride for just your group, please add private ride when checking out for your $50/person.

How do I get to the ride?

We have two locations, so be sure to look at your confirmation email.
The petting zoo, pony rides and 90 minute ride are at the Snowmass Rodeo Grounds. You can take RFTA to the “Town Park/Rodeo Lot” stop. If you drive, you will turn off of the round-a-bout into the rodeo parking lot.
The 2 hour, half day and all day rides leave from the West Snowmass trail. You will need transportation or your own vehicle to get there. Please look at the directions for the exact location. If you need transportation, please call Smiddy Limo.

What if it rains?

We have a weather policy regarding rain and lightning. Safety is our number one priority. If the trails are slick, we will cancel or reschedule your ride. If it is drizzling and the trails are safe, we will take you out. And don’t worry…we have fancy cowboy slickers so you won’t get too wet. All cancelled rides by SCO will be 100% refunded if not rescheduled.

Can we run or trot on the horses?

Bad news: we do not allow any trotting or running on the trails. It’s called the Rocky Mountains for a reason.

Good news: If you want to saddle up and run in the arena, give us a call and we will schedule a private session for you in the Snowmass Rodeo arena.

Can I just drop my kids off?

All children 12 and under MUST be supervised or have a guardian with them at all times. We love buckaroos, but we aren’t babysitters!

Did you hear the joke about altitude sickness?

No, because there isn’t one! Please use caution when traveling to higher elevation. The rides take place at elevations you may not be acclimated to. Before and during your stay, be sure to drink A LOT of water. A. LOT.

Where to the horses sleep at night?

Our horses are blessed (literally)! They are turned out on pasture every night to eat “God’s Grass” at the St. Benedict Monastery in Old Snowmass. When we say they have better views than us from their home, we aren’t kidding. BUT…please don’t come to the barn to visit the horses! We will see you at the Rodeo Grounds or West Snowmass trail.

I’m having an event. Can you bring horses and wranglers to it?

It’s Aspen and anything is possible! Give us a call and we can get you details and pricing.